Changing Seasons

February 13, 2020

Changing Seasons

Today’s sunrise was earlier than yesterday’s.  This whispered to me something about the hope of Spring, even as a February snow storm blew in.

Changing seasons are the keeper of our dreams.  A statement worth reflection because life too has seasons and dreams.

Today I thought of this when Katie Kraus, Miss Rodeo Montana 2020, stopped by the store to pick up her trophy saddle.

She is the new reigning Queen. 2019’s Queen relinquished the title and substantiated the passage by sharing her experiences to help spur Katie on in pursuit of her own dreams and aspirations. 

If we take the time to reflect on our natural environment, we observe that nothing ever stands still. We recognize that current life circumstances are only temporary. 

Katie was returning from the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo, headed home then on to Kissimmee Florida for the Silver Spur Rodeo. She’s in awe of what her title stands for and excited about her new adventure. She talked about past college experience, working at a vet clinic, and shared dreams of her future perhaps in animal nutrition research.

Foremost, however, was her “now”- representing Montana.  Although her year has only just begun, it is already dawning on her how whirlwind it will go.  

As nature shows us, nothing stands still.  The sunrise comes earlier each day as we move out of winter into spring.  Summer beckons. Fall will come.  

We marvel at her harmony with these rhythms of change. 

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