Connolly's Barrel Saddle B1704(6)



This Connolly barre saddle looks amazing with the chocolate leather full roughout and rust suede seat.  This saddle is designed to keep you balanced and in position with the ground seat and cantle dished to provide a secure seat. 

Features the Connolly Saddlery innovative tree. Precisely engineered gullet and angle of the bars 'fit like a glove'; a ground seat scived to perfection makes you feel deep in the saddle; Fenders sit in a grove that allows freedom of movement yet places your feet exact every time. This saddle gives a feeling of confidence to ride well and easily for an enjoyable, exciting experience in total rhythm with your horse.

Hand crafted all leather barrel saddle. 

  • Full Quarter Horse Bars
  • Wood/Rawhide Tree
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Herman Oak Chocolate Leather
  • Hand-Crafted
  • Chocolate Leather
  • All Roughout
  • Full Rust Suede Seat
  • Rawhide silver Laced Cantle

Connolly's Barrel Saddle Specs:

  • Gullet - 7”  Full Quarter Horse Bars
  • Fork/Swell Width - 14”
  • Gullet Height - 8”
  • Hand Hole Width - 4”
  • Horn Height - 3”
  • Horn cap Size - 1 ¾”
  • Cantle Width - 10”
  • Cantle Height - 5”
  • Weight - 24lbs

If this saddle is currently out of stock, please allow 12-14 weeks for your New Custom Saddle to arrive.


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