What Kind of Cinch Should You Use?

January 09, 2019

What Kind of Cinch Should You Use?

What Kind of Cinch Should You Use?

If you own a saddle, you own a cinch!

The most common materials for a cinch are mohair; neoprene; and wool felt or fleece.

Fleece has the softest feel but is the hardest to care for.  The initial appearance seems very comfy and cozy, however, fleece is difficult to keep burrs out of and it tends to pack down with sweat and dirt.  Washing can help, but the original look and feel never returns.  

Felt is okay, but it can stretch, tear or separate.  The higher the grade of the wool content the better.   Its greatest attribute is that 100% virgin wool can wick 20X its weight in moisture, which removes heat and keeps your horse comfortable. 

Neoprene has more grip and is the easiest to clean, but it doesn’t dissipate heat and moisture as well as natural fibers. 

Mohair is the most traditional and the most versatile material.  It naturally wicks moisture and heat away from your horse.  It has natural elasticity to expand and return to its original size over and over.  This means your horse can breathe and move and your saddle stays in place.

Each type of cinch has its own strengths and weaknesses. Every rider must decide what works best for them and their horse.  




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