'The One'

May 31, 2023

When you realize the horse you have may be ‘the one’, what’s next? 

Everything has a process. Learn to stride with that process. There is a time of personal growth ahead if you are going through a time of discouragement! Keep in contact with books and people that enlarge your horizon and make it possible for you to stretch yourself. Do not be guided by impulse. Be directed by reality.

You can be right in your perception, with a vision and clear understanding of what you want to do. However, when you start to do it, in reality, there will be times of disappointment and setbacks. That’s when you tremble and think: “Who am I to do this?” “Can I do this?”

‘The one’ means different things to different people. It can simply be the one that you have right now; Or it can mean the one that is showing the most potential out of several horses you are riding. You just have that feeling. It’s exciting to think of what might be accomplished. It’s a moment of pride.

The dictionary definition of pride can be negative with connotations of arrogant, conceited, and overbearing behavior. Don’t be that. That brings out the worst in you.

Pride, in its positive sense, is that quiet feeling of competence that lies behind one’s ability to do what has to be done, feeling confident that you can do it. Be proud of your aspirations. Believe in yourself. Keep a positive attitude. Let it bring out the best in you.

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