Peak Performance & Winning Runs

January 09, 2019

Peak Performance & Winning Runs

Remember the inspiring words of Penny Chenery, Owner of Secretariat:  "This is about life being ahead of you.  You run at it, because you never know how far you can go unless you run."  

Be inspired.  Imagine the Possibilities of Peak Performance.  

Today's fast-paced world of barrel racing makes quick response time crucial;  your saddle must place you in optimum position.  You must feel secure to push yourself down into the saddle for rate, and rise up quick for a powerful fast drive out of the barrel.  Unnecessary moves cost precious time; you must make snappy, efficient turns for that Money Winning Run.   

Connolly Saddles are built for Winning Runs.  Fenders are stretched and trained and stirrups turned for your riding comfort.  Knee stress from trying to keep your stirrup is non existent. The centered balanced hang of the fenders keeps you in the middle.  Your feet don't go behind you putting you out of balance and falling forward.      

Connolly saddles stand apart in design, performance and innovation. Our distinct balance of style and performance attracts an ever-growing audience of cowboys and cowgirls.  Connolly Saddles implement specialized design with construction, featuring a perfect-fit, making them unique, attractive and usable. This lightweight saddle lives comfortably on your horse with style.  Equally suited for high intensity professionals or novice beginners. Browse our collections to find the perfect saddle for you.






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