Focus on the Right Things

November 01, 2019

Focus on the Right Things

You’ve probably heard that becoming a good athlete is 95% physical and 5% mental. 

The percentages flip flop under the stress of competition.  Success is 95% mental and 5% physical.

That means you must work very hard in practice on your conditioning and physical game.  Once the training and technique are mastered and you move into competition, then you must make sure that you stay calm under pressure and keep yourself focused on the right things.

If you focus on the outcome when you perform, you’re probably going to trip and fall.  Instead concentrate on each step, one step at a time, no missteps.

Every ounce of you must be in the moment.  Be laser focused so you respond immediately to the situation that you find yourself in, and are ready to adjust at a moment’s notice to sudden and sometimes unexpected changes.

If your mind jumps ahead to the future, i.e., starts thinking about winning or losing or slips back to the past reliving a previous mistake or run, then you’ll end up being too uptight and distracted to perform to your potential.

It doesn’t mean that your performance will be flawless.  It means that you can rebound quickly from your mistakes and not carry them into the next moment or event.

Laser focus produces confidence, poise, coolness, and certainty.


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