Saddles – How Do I Know It Fits?

October 26, 2015

Saddles – How Do I Know It Fits?

Saddles – How Do I Know It Fits?

The expression ‘it fits like a glove’ is universal to describe comfort because of fit.  A saddle that sits uniformly on the horses back ‘fits like a glove’.  There are no gaps; no pinch; no rock; just a smooth overall feel.  Run your hand down the tree – front to back – feel the smooth flow.

The tree of a saddle, made of wood covered in rawhide, is an ingenious invention because wood gives just enough to make it comfortable, rawhide strengthens it and the tree distributes the weight of the rider over the back of the horse.  This timeless, age-less, practical function allows the horse to bear the burden tirelessly and remains the reason wood/rawhide covered saddle trees are the best idea in saddles for riding horses. 

That spot your saddle rests in naturally is the ‘sweet spot’’’.  Your horse’s sigh and relaxed manner expresses his thought – sweeeeet! - ...thus the name!  To get to the sweet spot, sit your saddle slightly forward on the horse’s withers, press down on the swells and let the saddle slide back until it stops at the natural resting place which is dictated by the horse’s conformation.

Make sure the latigo and offside billet are centered in the dee rings and the cinch is directly in line with them, then tighten it until comfortably snug.   You are set to go.   Enjoy the ride!

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